one less worry, slip-on overshoe umbrelly

Don't let a little rain stop you from wearing your favorite heels, suede shoes or even your white pants! We're reinventing galoshes and have made it fashionable, portable and environment friendly. Wear them over your shoes and wander the streets on trend and without worries.

Done exploring? Wipe them dry with our handy towel and  tuck them in our portable zipper pouch that comes with every Bootsie.

Anyone can explore in style with Bearcat Bootsies!

  • Sizes: Small (35-36), Medium (37-38), Large (39-40)
  • Colors: Marina Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, Lipstick Fuschia and Yellow Sunnies

Bootsie kids now available!

  • Sizes: Small (25-30) Medium (30-35)
  • Colors: Luscious Orange and Marina Blue

Bootsie Kids!

Bootsie Images

Lipstick Fuchsia Cotton Candy Pink with zipper pouch Lipstick Fuchsia with zipper pouch
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